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Posted: July 31, 2017

There are certain aspects of wearing contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses that you’ve grown accustomed to. You have daily habits that you likely do without thinking such as grabbing for your glasses in the morning. LASIK eye surgery will give you freedom from contact lenses and glasses and make you more aware of how they interfered with your everyday life.

1. Start Your Day with Clear Vision.

Many men and women have worn glasses or contacts for decades and never realized how much of their morning and nightly routine involved taking care of their eyes. You might instinctively reach for your contact case or glasses when you wake up for a few weeks after LASIK because this ritual has been such a big part of your life, but after a while, you’ll stop grabbing at the air and instead jump out of bed refreshed with perfect eyesight.

2. Enjoy Sports & Activities Without Irritated Contacts or Scratched Glasses.

After LASIK, you may find yourself more active because for the first time you can swim laps without worrying about destroying a pair of contacts or losing prescription goggles. Playing sports and other activities will be more enjoyable too. You can play basketball without scratching or breaking your glasses, and go for a hike to see just how great your vision is now.

3. One Less Thing to Remember to Pack.

Going on vacation involves packing all the essentials, but there’s always one thing you forget to bring. When that forgotten item is your contact case and lens solution, your trip goes from hassle-free to hectic. You then must find your way to a store that sells these products and miss out on valuable time that should be spent relaxing. If you’ve had laser vision correction, you won’t need to pack a case for your glasses or contact solution anymore. Now, hopefully, you won’t forget your charger instead.

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