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Posted: October 24, 2017

Every year men, women, and children try to find the best Halloween costume—be it scary, funny, or timely. Whether you’re hoping to scare people with an “It” costume or dressing as a White Walker from Game of Thrones, it’s essential to choose colored contacts, face paint, and weapon accessories that aren’t going to cause vision damage to you or those celebrating the holiday with you.

Safe Costume Contacts

Eye doctors around the country and even the FDA issue yearly warnings about costume contacts and how badly they can harm your eyes. When you buy unregulated contact lenses at a Halloween store or online, you’re putting yourself at risk of eye infection, corneal ulcers, allergic reactions, abrasions, dry eyes, and many others. To avoid this issue, speak with our eye doctor in Chicago about ordering color contacts, and make sure you don’t wear expired lenses or share them with your friends.

Hypoallergenic Face Paint and Makeup

Costumes such as Stephen King’s It or the Wicked Witch of the West require full body paint and makeup. This can not only irritate your skin but may seep into your eyes while you’re in costume as well as clog your tear ducts, preventing your eye’s natural ability to solve the problem. Don’t reuse last year’s makeup, purchase hypoallergenic face paint or makeup, and gently remove it before going to sleep.

Costume Weapons & Accessories

If you’re planning on being Wonder Woman, Batman, a Jedi, or Freddy Krueger, you’re going to have plastic accessories that can lead to eye injuries. Be aware of the dangers these fake weapons pose as you show off your super powers or haunting abilities.

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