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TECHNOLAS 217z Excimer Laser

TECHNOLAS 217z Excimer LaserUnlike other lasers, the FDA approved the Technolas 217z laser specifically for LASIK. The Technolas 217z laser features flying spot technology for maximum flexibility in personalized treatment profiles. The 2mm flat top beam of light allows Dr. Foulkes to make many small pulses, which are precise to your prescription. Additionally, the Technolas laser has the widest treatment zone possible in LASIK technology today. While other lasers can only treat an area of 6-8 mm, the Technolas 217z can treat an area over 10mm, basically to the white of your eye.

The newest advancement to the Technolas is the Advanced Control Eyetracking (ACETM) Technology. This is a dynamic rotational eye tracking system that tracks and simultaneously adjusts the ablation pattern for the entire duration of the treatment, and enables iris recognition for all treatments. All these factors mean unsurpassed outcomes and safety, providing the ultimate peace of mind for both surgeon and patient.

Ziemer Z6 Femtosecond LDV

Ziemer Z6 Femtosecond LDVThe next generation of femtosecond lasers, Dr. Foulkes helped design the original Ziemer LDV. We started using this technology in 2007 and have since upgraded to the Z6 in 2012. This new Z-LASIK method performs the resection in a three-dimensional mode. Each flap can be customized to accommodate the desired geometry.

The Z6 technology out-performs other femtosecond lasers due to:

  • Short pulse width
  • Large corneal flaps
  • Uniform, reproducible flap thickness
  • Capable of thin flaps (SBK)
  • Full computer-controlled suction
  • Truly safe ultra thin corneal resections
  • Lowest pulse energy (nJ)
  • Highest pulse repetition rate (MHz)

Based on clinical experience from over 1.5 million successful Z-LASIK procedures, the FEMTO LDV system stands out as the femtosecond laser with a remarkably low complication rate. The FEMTO LDV Z6 paired with the Technolas 217z excimer laser provides the basis for excellent outcomes in laser vision correction.

ZIEMER Galilei G4 Topographer

ZIEMER Galilei G4 Topographer The ZIEMER Galilei G4 Topographer reaches a new level corneal tomography. Foulkes Vision utilizes this device in diagnostic preparation for LASIK eye surgery.

  • Highly accurate pachymetry and elevation values, independent of alignment
  • The new Cone Location and Magnitude Index (CLMIaa), based on anterior axial curvature
  • Ray-tracing for the real posterior surface
  • Get best pachymetry, elevation and curvature data – in all eyes
  • High precision anterior chamber ray-tracing
  • Patented iris-based eye motion compensation

Don’t worry about eye motion during examination. Small to moderate eye motions can’t be prevented. Especially in elderly patients or children, which can lead to clinically relevant and unrealistic surface curvatures if not compensated for. The GALILEI G4 applies an intelligent iris-pattern tracing system to correct for eye motion.

  • New automatic surface alignment to correct for misaligned measurements
  • Have confidence in your follow-up measurements thanks to realignment of maps in 3-D
  • Ideal to monitor corneal stability and changes in your patient’s eye

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