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Ophthalmologist & LASIK Surgeon Serving Chicago, Lombard & Naperville Areas Of Illinois

I am sure that you have had many letters written to you in grateful thanks in the fact that you have made many patients absolutely full of joy in the outcome of the surgery you have performed on them. It is absolutely very obvious that you are more than dedicated to your profession!!! I did not just pick up the paper or any other form of advertising and decide to have you perform my surgery. I did my homework and learned that you were the best!

I must admit that I was hesitant to have anyone do laser surgery on my precious eyes, but I am now so glad that I had it done. Seeing is the self-satisfaction that I craved. You have a very professional and dedicated staff. Thanks for everything

Robert F. Jasineick

A few years ago, I went to Dr. Foulkes for a routine vision exam and to see if I was a possible candidate for Lasik surgery. Being only 25 years old at the time, I never thought twice about degenerative eye disease or how it may effect my life. During the exam, Dr. Foulkes detected the start of glaucoma and immediately referred me to a specialist. I will never forget how compassionate he was that day, or his words, “you were sent to me for a reason”. And, because of Dr. Foulkes, I now am pro-active in my eye care, which is something that most people take for granted.

Amanda R., Addison, IL

I was the first out of my large family to go ahead with Lasik in the summer of 1999. I was a bit nervous, but was calmly reassured by Dr. Foulkes that the procedure was going to be great for me. I had glasses since Kindergarten, so had dreamed of a day without glasses or contacts. I also had my doubts since I had an astigmatism for as long as I could remember (and I was also nearsighted), but my trust in Dr. Foulkes and his caring nature led me to go ahead with Lasik.

I was amazed that after a quick nap I awoke to perfect vision, without my glasses or contacts! I remember thinking how surprised I was with how great my vision was, and so soon. The turnaround time was much quicker than I anticipated and was back to my normal routine by the next day or two. It has now been about 13 years since my procedure, and I have to say I am still 100% pleased and so happy I got Lasik from Dr. Foulkes. My vision is fantastic and I do not miss the days of glasses or fumbling around with contacts. Dr. Foulkes was amazing throughout the whole process and I couldn’t be happier with the results I received through this Lasik procedure.

Andy R., Los Angeles, CA

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Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith
Exceptional service from the moment you walk in the door. What makes this office a great place for your vision needs???? It starts with the staff’s warm welcome, to Dr. Dhaliwal’s knowledgeable and professional care. The office’s new sleek modern look makes your visit nice and comfortable.
Joyce Burleson
Joyce Burleson
Everyone was so friendly, helpful, and professional. The doctor took his time and explained everything to me. I am actually looking forward to returning. Excellent patient care!
Marc W.
Marc W.
He is a very knowledge and you can tell he has years of experience. I had LASIK done on both eyes a few months ago and I wish I had done it sooner! My LASIK was done in the office, which is convenient I didn't have to travel to another location. Highly recommend Dr. Foulkes. Trust me!
Alaa Abdulla
Alaa Abdulla
I had an amazing and awesome experience with the Very knowledgable Dr. FOULKES. I would recommend him over and over again. #ironMan
Kristen Beedie
Kristen Beedie
I had a fantastic experience with my lasik procedure. I was far-sighted and could not read without glasses. I am 34 and I have worn glasses since I was 7. Dr Foulkes is a really cool guy who makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything. He is honest about the results you will get and takes away all of the anxiety of having the procedure done. The testing is thorough and the procedure is quick. I was only uncomfortable for the first day. After that, I hardly even had dry eyes. I can now read a book in bed with dim lighting! I could not even do that with my glasses on before. I actually cried happy tears the first time! I would recommend Dr. Foulkes to anyone!